Profile photo Laura Leal

Over the last decade as people discovered I worked in the travel industry the question most frequently asked was “so where should I go in ….. country?” quickly followed by “and what should I do there?” From this delightful exchange of conversation Girl Made for Travel was born. Following these questions was a passionate and excitement filled exchange with me rattling off lists all the amazing things I had experienced in the destination along with an equally excited response from the questioner as their travel dream slowly began to take more shape. Instead of writing another email from scratch I started to send out travel guides following these conversations where I kept records of all my insider tips for the destination we were discussing.

I am extremely blessed to have spent the last 14 years working for one of the world’s largest travel agencies with the majority of that time being spent in their wholesale division. It is this role where I had the privilege of educating and escorting front line agents around the world to experience some of the world’s most exciting destinations first hand. As a result I am lucky enough to now have visited 55 countries and 30% of these I have been to more than once! From these amazing experiences a huge passion for exploring the world was born alongside a comprehensive knowledge base. I believe my purpose in the world is to share this passion & knowledge and through that inspire fellow travellers. Girl Made for Travel is here to arm the everyday traveller with the knowledge and confidence to effortlessly plan their own memorable adventure.