Travel Hacks – Finding Business Class Bargains!

Business Class Bargain Hunting

Round The World Fares:

Round the World fares regularly offer amazing value for multi stop trips especially in Business Class. You can find these fares occasionally advertised online but otherwise find a local travel supplier who specialises in Round The World fares and ask them for RTW options or subscribe to their newsletters or the newsletter of Apps like Secret Flying for insider knowledge on when the bargain RTW fares are released.

Point Redemption:

The smartest way to build up points is to choose an airline with a decent points program and stick with building up the one points pot. I use a credit card as well as frequent travel on the one airline to build mine up and then use them to redeem upgrades. I also make sure I am fully aware of all the extra ways to gain points such as partnerships that my chosen airline has with car hire and hotel companies.

Companion Fares:

Companion Fares are another amazing value opportunity where you book one fare and get another fare free. Similarly to the Round The World Fares above I would recommend subscribing to Apps/Newsletters that constantly scan the travel market for bargains such as Secret Flying or Jack’s Flights.

Bid for an Upgrade:

A decent number of airlines now offer the ability to bid for upgrades at a fraction of the price of a normal ticket and so far I have been successful in securing 75% of my upgrade bids all using only points.

Set Price Alerts:

Another handy way to ensure you are aware of all Business Class promotions is to set Price Alerts. My two preferred sites for doing this is Google and Sky Scanner, Google is amazing because you can set alerts on your favourite routes without defining specific travel dates and Sky Scanner is amazing with its flexible date range and airport searches allowing you maximum flexibility in discovering bargain business class flights.

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