Firey Fun! Tanna Island, Vanuatu

Tanna Island; I don’t even know where to begin! I had seen quite a few photos of Tanna Island, throughout my years working in travel. From pictures alone I could tell this place was a special place, but just how incredible Tanna actually is, defies words.

This volcanic island paradise has it all; hot springs, rainforests, waterfalls, blue holes, beaches, the most accessible active volcano in the world and peaceful little villages scattered throughout. To say Tanna Island exceeded my expectations is an understatement as this is one of the most untouched and unique locations I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. From the moment I landed at the tin shed airport this island left me speechless and I can only hope that it is not long before I get to visit this firey paradise once again.


White Grass Ocean Resort is the largest property on the island of Tanna and from the moment you arrive the personal service, the gorgeous, lush grounds and the absolutely delicious food had me questioning whether this was one of the most unique and beautiful resorts I had perhaps ever visited. The fact that the property only has 14 bungalows means that it never feels overcrowded and almost has a homely feel to it. Not only that the location means there are enough activities to keep everyone entertained for days.


As you can imagine when you are only one of very few resorts on a tiny island there isn’t exactly a lot of choice of restaurants! I am going to be honest this worried me a little at first! I am a bit of a princess (very occasionally) and I wasn’t really sure how I was going to cope with eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day from the same restaurant with what I imagined to be little choice! Well how wrong was I. Upon arrival we were informed that the chef changes the menu daily, each course has three choices for each meal and each dish is created depending on the availability of local produce from the local market on that particular day or what the staff have caught on the nearby reef with the assistance of the nearby village – wow now that is what I call farm to plate. From 9 meals I did not once even come close to not enjoying one of the meals that I could tell were so lovingly cooked. The food is almost an experience in itself at White Grass Ocean Resort!


White Grass Ocean resort definitely does not have a shortage of things to do and the resort staff ensure that you are educated on the options and were more than happy to fulfil any request we had. This beautiful resort has a pool, a beach, a jetty leading out to the reef as well as a few quaint nearby villages and the stunning blue holes. This resort has so much to offer that I could have easily been entertained for a week!

Mount Yasur Volcano Experience

The main drawcard to this island for most tourists is the Mount Yasur volcano and it absolutely did not disappoint. Despite the relatively long drive from White Grass Resort to Mount Yasur this trip is worth every second. This experience is one that defies words, one that can only be seen to be believed. The mesmerising lava, the changes in the sky as the sun goes down and the power of the rumble as the Volcano erupts mere meters from me made this experience appear to defy reality. This experience was as if it is straight out of a movie and although the trip comes with risks it is absolutely worth it and in my opinion a must see activity, for any Vanuatu adventure.


White Grass Ocean Resort is lucky enough to have 3 amazing blue holes right on its boundary and this is definitely an activity that took me by surprise. This was one of those adventures that I had no idea this island offered and yet it was the most unexpected and beautiful that I have experienced anywhere in the world. The dramatic volcanic coastline means this coral paradise is both breathtaking and filled with one of the most diverse and colourful underwater life that I have ever seen.

Putting into words how much I love this little slice of paradise has made me realise that perhaps this tiny little island in the middle of the South Pacific has just burst itself into my hotly contested top spot – my favourite place on earth! Do yourself a favour and put Tanna Island on your bucket list.




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