My name is Laura and I am a travel fanatic. I am a passionate worldwide traveller who loves experiencing new places and meeting new people. I love sharing my professional knowledge with other travel lovers and helping them plan their dream travel experiences.

I can’t help but recognise the irony as I continue my ever-evolving journey as a travel expert, you see I am blessed to have been born into a travelling family; an English mother and an Australian father, travel was a way of life from a very young age. However, believe it or not for a large number of years I declared to my nearest and dearest that I never wanted to travel. but the jokes on me – here we are 55 countries later, 14 years working in the travel industry and now my main goal in life is to visit a new country each and every year! Yes, even during Covid!

I still can’t really explain what changed and at what point travel became my way of life but what I can say is I wouldn’t change it for the world, I believe travel is one of life’s greatest gifts and I feel most alive when I am immersed in a new destination, planning the next adventure, sharing my knowledge and stories, meeting new people abroad and really anything and everything travel related.

Up until a few years back I was a wholesale travel consultant and years of working alongside and educating retail travel agents assisted me in learning all sorts of things about this wonderful world. I have decided to take this knowledge and develop simple tools to help fellow travellers in the often dreaded planning process. I hope through this I can continue to inspire & educate others but mostly empower my customers with the knowledge they need to personally plan their dream adventure whilst still having the support and input of a professional.

I have built this company to share my knowledge and passion for all things travel with you whether it is to develop a passion visit a new destination, a ready made travel guide you can use and still maintain control of your booking or for insider tips for a trip already planned. My hopes and dreams for this is to hear how it has contributed to a successful trip so please share your feedback, photos and stories with me!

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Yours in travel,



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