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Travel Package

Personalised consultancy packages to suit your individual needs


Destination Research Package


Our specialised destination consulting service is designed for customers who want to plan their trip themselves but need assistance with research and recommendations for their destination.


Bespoke Itinerary Package


Designed for customers who have already decided on their destination but want personalized recommendations for accommodation, dining, and experiences.


Comprehensive Travel Planning Package


Offering a complete end-to-end travel planning solution including personalised recommendations for flights, accommodation, experiences, and dining options.

Looking for personalised support?

With the ever increasing online booking options, are you looking for support whilst booking your next travel adventure? Do you want to retain control without missing out on an experts guidance? Use our travel consulting services for tailor made contribution and support.
Let us answer your questions and individualise insights to suit your plans and travel style.

Do you have questions about our Consultancy Services? Send us an enquiry via our Consultancy Form here.

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