The Perfect Spanish Trio: Cudillero, Gijón, and Madrid

The Perfect Spanish Trio: Cudillero, Gijón, and Madrid

For those who yearn to unearth the world’s hidden travel gems, Spain’s Asturias region beckons with open arms. Tucked away in the north of the country, this enchanting region remains a well-kept secret, a haven for intrepid travellers in search of authenticity and unforgettable experiences. In a world where time is a precious commodity and the pursuit of meaningful adventures takes precedence, the Asturias stands as an oasis for curious travel souls.

Why Asturias? Asturias defies the conventions of a typical Spanish destination. Here, you’ll find a striking tapestry of contrasts – the lush, emerald mountains that appear to touch the skies juxtaposed against the deep, emerald embrace of the Cantabrian Sea. Forget the bustling crowds that frequent Spain’s more renowned regions; Asturias offers you the chance to wander like a local, uncover age-old traditions, and to immerse ones self in a cultural heritage passed down through the generations.

One of Asturias’ most captivating attributes is its unwavering commitment to preserving local culture and natural beauty. From the beautiful melodies echoing through the cobblestone streets to the hearty Asturian cuisine, every facet of this region screams authenticity. Asturias is the ultimate destination for travellers who crave immersive local experiences and genuine connections with the places they visit.

Cudillero: Spain’s Spectacular Cliffside Village:

Embark on your Asturian adventure with the first stop in spectacular Cudillero, a time-honoured fishing village dramatically perched to the cliffs overlooking the Cantabrian Sea. With its kaleidoscope of coloured houses spilling down cliffs leading down to fishing boats bobbing in the harbor, Cudillero is a living postcard that captures the very essence of coastal charm. Wander through its labyrinth of alleys, adorned with houses painted in vibrant hues, and then savour the catch of the day at local seafood restaurants. Cudillero embodies the perfect fusion of authentic culture, awe-inspiring vistas, and unparalleled experiences. Be sure to visit the Mirador de la Garita, a lookout point that gifts you with panoramic views of the charming harbour and spectacular cliff side houses. If you’re in pursuit of genuine, memory making adventures, Cudillero is your gateway.

Gijon: Where beach and culture collide:
Next up on the Spanish adventure is picture perfect Gijón, nestled along the rugged Asturian coast it is a coastal paradise, a city steeped in history, natural beauty, as well as a vibrant cultural scene. Gijón beckons beach lovers and culture enthusiasts alike, offering a delightful blend of adventure, artistry, and relaxation. Spend your mornings lounging on inner-city beaches like Playa de San Lorenzo and your afternoons meandering through the ancient streets of Cimavilla, the famous old town, dotted with century-old buildings, inviting restaurants and traditional cider bars. For those seeking a more adventurous trip, explore the city’s lush parks, dive into one of the many water sports on offer, or dive headfirst into the city’s thriving arts and culture scene. Gijón is where the soul of Asturias meets the sea – a city that invites you to craft your own memorable adventure.
Majestic Madrid:
A journey through Spain wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the heart of the country, where history cascades through cobblestone streets and modernity pulsates in bustling plazas. Madrid, the vibrant capital city, boasts a rich tapestry of culture and a fervent zest for life, promising an extraordinary adventure. From deep dives into cultural treasures to savouring culinary delights, this enigmatic capital empowers your travel dreams and ensures you experience the heart of the country.


This 3-stop Spanish adventure is a testament to the country’s incredible diversity and ensures one experiences a range of what the country of Spain has to offer. From the coastal enchantment of Cudillero to the cultural fusion of Gijón and the metropolitan extravaganza of Madrid, each destination offers a unique slice of Spain. If you’re looking for a more in-depth version of this travel guide you can find a Girl Made for Travel itinerary here. The in-depth itinerary offers you the option to craft a personalised journey that combines the best of Spain’s coastal beauty, artistic richness, and culinary excellence designed to transform your dreams into reality, ensuring that your Spanish adventure is nothing short of amazing.

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