Young, Wild And Free In Breathtaking Belize!

My adventure to the country of Belize was the final stop in a two year expedition around the world and although I had two of my best friends by my side (whom I hadn’t seen in a few years, so I was just a little excited) this place had big shoes to fill; shortly before Belize were numerous incredible countries like Costa Rica, Canada, Italy, Greece and Turkey, to name a few.

However, having already been to a few places in Central America, I knew Belize would be likely to impress, but, my instant love for this water paradise took me by surprise! It did not take long for this beautiful part of the world to move its way towards the top of my favourite countries in the world list!

Looking at my photography feeds and the destinations that draw me in, it is easy to see I am a water baby at heart, so needless to say when I arrived in Belize to find the main mode of transport was speed boat I was just a little excited.

The cuteness of pint sized children getting dropped off by public boat to school is an image etched in my memory forever.

Not only do you speed around the transparent, turquoise water in a boat driven by tanned and gorgeous looking men but at every stop is another picturesque overwater bar offering cold flowing beer with music pumping and views to rival any – really who wouldn’t fall in love with this island paradise?

I was quick to learn that these little oasis’, really are the gift that keep on giving, not only are they filled with beach chairs and hammocks but most of them have their own private water access leading into a cordoned off section of the sea, full of blown up toys where one could float, swim and frolic for hours.

Seriously it felt like an adult version of Disneyland! I felt like I was living in a dream world!

But there is more to Belize than swimming and drinking (although that really was enough to keep me happy for the rest of time) and as we all know it wouldn’t be an adventure without a hiccup or two.

On night one when we arrived tired and hungry to our beautiful resort – Las Terrazas – we were greeted with the news that due to unforeseen circumstances the kitchen would be closed that night (and for most of the days during our stay) – now that isn’t a problem until you are in a brand new location where the only way around is by boat and it was coming up to dusk and you were beginning to become hangry.

The last thing we felt like was venturing out after travelling all day! Anyway, always the optimists we soldiered on and as seems to always be the case abroad – Google came to the rescue!

It was established that there was in fact a resort on the next beach and although we would be walking back by moonlight it was only a short stroll across the sand dunes and what was the worst that could go wrong? You only live once right? May as well make it one to remember!

Being the adventurous Aussies that we were that was enough of a challenge for us, so we set off for Coco Cabana Bar! The evening was followed with a few drinks at a beautiful beach side bar where you can sit at tables immersed in water or at up at the bar with a million-dollar view!

After a bite to eat and a few beverages under our belts we returned by moonlight unharmed to our resort for an early night as the next day was going to be action packed with snorkelling with the islands local turtles, rays, sharks and dugongs!

As the pictures show, over the following days the wildlife of Belize did not disappoint and we saw multiple species of monkey, swam with sharks, turtles and dugongs so this is also a nature lovers paradise.

This is a destination that has something for everyone; snorkelling, scuba diving, crystal clear water with endless white sand beaches all with a hint of that Caribbean Rasta vibe. If Belize isn’t on your bucket-list I hope it is now!

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Laura Leal

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